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The Fun, Pleasure, Investment in the Thematic Collection of the China Panda Coins

Today’s article is a very memorable one for me when  a fellow coin collector, Mr. Jang shared with me his collection of the crown size china panda silver coins. One of his thematic interest is the collecting of the crown sized 1 oz China Panda silver coin.(  in this case from 2005 to present 2012).  Below is how he framed up his  recent collection of  his 1 oz China Panda silver coins from 2005 to 2012:

Mr Jang's collection of the China panda coins

Jang's collection of the China Panda coin from 2005 to 2012

{PS: In reality,the actual  are very much nicer than the aforesaid photos that I have taken.}

As you noticed that the theme of this blog is on  ” FUN, PLEASURE, INVESTMENT”. Perhaps I can explained in this manner:  there is much fun in hopping around every where( shops, meet other fellow collectors,etc)  to look for what you want and when you have them you can then enjoy and find pleasure in it. After a certain period of time ( say over a period of 5 to 10 years), you can see your investment in this hobby produced good rate of returns!

Just imagine in this case, this collector is able to ingeniously framed up his collection in such an innovative and beautiful manner to be able to enjoy what he had managed to collect. Well over a period of time, his collection of his panda coin might produce fruitful results. ( China panda coins trend has always been an uptrend over a mid to long term basis )

Please do not be mistaken that I am writing this post to encourage people to go towards collecting china panda coin BUT only just to share with readers one of the ways that another fellow collector has derived much fun, pleasure ( and investment) in coin collecting.

My two cent:

About China Panda coins:

  • I would not encourage anyone to collect Panda coin right from the beginning of its issue as the first issue was 1989. Since then, due to low mintage, high demand and other factors, it is pretty difficult to collect all of them- eventually it will lead to frustration to some collectors if they failed to find or unable to afford some of the high prices of  certain dates of the china panda coins
  • Forgery or counterfeits of china panda coins are commonly encountered when you buy from e-bay or overseas
  • Perhaps, the best way really to start with  is just to collect them starting just from 2012 or just a few previous years ago and then move forwards. By doing so, it is just like investing in tangible silver bullion coins at spot prices+ a small premium) cum hedging for the future
  • Some smart collectors would only collect authenticated China panda coins ( PCGS, NGC ) though it costs a bit more than the normal one.
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