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Should We Collect Gold Coin Or Not

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As gold prices has the potential to go further up, there are some lingering questions which investors or coin collector will ask:

(a)   Should we invest in gold coins which have mark up from banks, private and government mints,

(b)   Or should we just invest in actual gold bullion like ingots and bars issued by reputable bankers like Credit Suisse, PAMP, Johnson Matthey, Engelhard, SilverTowne,etc

(c)   If we were to opt for gold coins should we go to private mints or to government mints to purchase them

The answer to item (a) and (b) lies entirely with you. Why is this so?

gold panda coin

You first need to ask yourself whether you are real coin collector who fancy the designs and images on coins and has certain feeling when holding onto such coins and wishing to have such satisfaction of completing sets. If the answer is yes, go ahead and buy gold coin bullions like the beautiful Saint-Gauden gold eagles, Chinese Panda. Please take note buying such gold coins will definitely has premium on them. However, over time, you will see that your gold coin collection price value will go up against inflation, fear of war and many other reasons. Do not forget the motto of this blog, APPRECIATION, PLEASURE AND INVESTMENT.

gold ingotOf course, by buying directly the gold ingot or bars, you will get cheaper mark-up and appease your minds on any potential doomsday re: earthquake, war and other natural or unnatural disasters. Incidentally, buying directly the gold ingot or bars has the lowest premiums and for gold coins bullion the South African Krugerrand usually has the lowest premium compared to others like Canadian Maple leaf, Chinese panda and government mints.So do think carefully what you want.

Next, should we go to buy from private mints or government mints to buy such gold coin. Historically, gold coins purchased from private mints (Franklin Mint,etc) who issue gold coins collectibles has so far been fetching modest secondary market value. Many such coins are usually value at about 95% of spot price even if they are made from silver or gold.

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