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10th Men’s Hockey World Cup Commemorative Proof Silver Coin

There are a number of sport thematic proof coins. One of the nicer one is the 2002 10 Ringgit 0.925 10th Men’s Hockey World Cup Silver Commemorative proof coin :

2002 10th Men Hockey World Cup 10 Ringgit -.925 Silver proof set of 1

2002 10th Men Hockey World Cup 10 Ringgit -.925 Silver proof set of 1

 P1040747 (800x533)

P1040746 (562x800)

Box containing the 2002 10th Men' World Hockey silver proof coin

Box containing the 2002 10th Men’ World Hockey silver proof coin

A little bit of details on this proof coin:

  • date of issue 29/1/2002 with mintage of 2500 pieces
  • minted by Royal Mint of Malaysia
  • 16.80 gram, 10 Ringgit denomination 0.925 silver,0.4997 oz ASW; diameter 32mm and 2.6mm thick.
  • original issue price was Rm150

If you wish to buy this proof coin , please go to the online shop http://

5 cents 1982,50 cents 1979 and 50 cents 1988 Extra Dot Variety in the Parliament Coin Series

Picture 1 shows the respective 5 cents 1982, 50 cents 1979 and 1988  copper nickel parliament coins:

Picture 1: 5 cents 1982 ,50 cents 1979 and 50 cents 1988 parliamet coin.

However, in below picture 2 , we noticed the difference namely the extra dot variety which are indicated by the  arrows  in each coin.

For the unfamiliar on the extra dot variety, the position of the dot in each coin is indicated by an arrow.

Picture 2: Dot Variety at the various position indicated by the errors on the 5 cents 1982, 50 cents 1979 and 1988 parliament coin

In terms of value-wise, first is the 5 cents 1982 next 50 cents 1979 and then 50 cents 1988.

The mintage for the normal ( without extra dot ) is as follows:

5 cents 1982- 118.6 million

50 cents 1979-5.4 million

50 cents 1988-26.8 million

With these huge million-mintage, a collector with enough effort put in, might able to find some of the extra dot variety.


$1 One Dollar 1935 King George V Straits Settlements Banknote-Color Variety

Below looks like the normal $1 one dollar King George V Straits Settlements banknote but interestingly, on closer look at the picture 3 and 4 one can see the color contrast re: one is relatively more blueish than the other one ( the normal one we often see):-

Picture 1: $1 One dollar 1935 King George V Straits Settlements banknote

Picture 2: $1 One dollar 1935 King George V Straits Settlements banknote

Picture 3: Comparison of color between the two notes. One is relatively very blueish compared to the normal one we normally see.

Picture 4 : Color contrast between the two banknotes. The more blueish color and the normal banknote we often see.


1962 General Service Medal or For Campaign Service Queen Elizabeth II

Below is an interesting silver General Service Medal 1962 which on one side has the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II and the other side the word FOR CAMPAIGN SERVICE and with 1 clasp bearing the word ” MALAY PENINSULA”:-

GSK(General Service Medal Queen elizabeth II

1962 General Service medal with 1 crasp with the word “MALAY PENINSULAR”

General Details of the General Service medal

  • Also sometimes referred to as the Campaign Service Medal.
  • This medal was introduced in 1962 to combine the General Service Medal (1918), as awarded to the Army and RAF, and the Naval General Service Medal (1915).
  • The 1962 GSM was awarded until 2007, when it was replaced by the Operational Service Medal.


  • The 1962 GSM is a circular SILVER medal. The obverse shows the crowned effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • The reverse bears the words ‘FOR CAMPAIGN SERVICE’ under a crown, all surrounded by a wreath of oak leaves.
  • The 32 mm wide ribbon is purple with two outer stripes of dark green. These are the same colours as the GSM 1918–62, but with different proportions of these two colours being used for this medal.

GSMs have the name, rank, service number and regiment or corps of the awardee annotated on the rim of the medal.


13 Clasps were awarded to the 1962 GSM from the period 1962- 2007.

The various clasps are as follows:

(a) Borneo in Sabah, Sarawak and North Borneo

(b) Radfan area of South Arabia

(c) South Arabia


(e) Northern Ireland

(f) South Vietnam

(g) Dhofar (Oman)

(h) Lebanon

(i) Mine clearance-Guld of Suez

(j) Gulf

(k) Kuwait

(l) N.Iraq & South Turkey

(n) Air Operations Iraq

MORE Details of  the Clasp on Malay Peninsula of the GSM Queen Elizabeth II  (17th August 1964 – 11th August 1966):-

For service in the Malay Peninsula or Singapore from 17th August, 1964 and 11th August, 1966 ( inclusive )

i). Officers and other ranks of the United Kingdom Land Forces who were on the posted or attached strength of a unit or formation and served 30 days or more, not necessarily continuous, on land in the Malay Peninsula/Singapore between 17th August, 1964 and 12th June, 1966 (inclusive).

ii) Service of 30 days or more, afloat while in any Royal Navy or Army Department vessel on duty in waters surrounding the Malay Peninsula/Singapore between 17th August, 1964 and 12th June, 1965, ( inclusive). Service in any Royal Navy, Royal Australian Navy or Royal New Zealand Navy vessel on sea patrol duties between 13th June, 1965 and 11th August, 1966, ( inclusive), also reckoned for qualifying service and could be aggregated with qualifying service on land as in (i) above to complete the required period of 30 days. Uniformed members of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary qualified under the same criteria as the armed forces.

iii) RAF aircrew; 30 or more operational patrols over the waters surrounding Malay Peninsula and Singapore between 13th June 1965 and 11th August 1966 qualified, in addition to the land and sea qualifications above.

iv). Civilians listed below who served under the same conditions as the Land or Royal Navy Forces qualified for the award

(a) MOD Fire Services.

(b) Police.

(c) Women’s Royal Voluntary Service

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