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One Bastardo King Dom Manuel 1511-1521 Malacca Portuguese Tin Coinage

This is a very interesting historical coin of Malacca. It relates to the initial coinage of the Malacca Mint established by Governor D’Albuquerque in 1511. The coinage are believed to of three origins namely gold, silver and tin. However we are unable to see any gold or silver coinage as it was believed that they would be smelted as bullion by traders in the past.

This tin coin has the following legend:

OBVERSE is the armillary sphere with ecliptic circle falling from left to right surrounded by legend “D M P R DE PV S OR D I E MALA” for D(om) M(anoel) P(rimero) R(ei) DE PV(rtugal) S(enh) OR D(a) I(India) E MALA(cca), translated, (Dom Manoel the First, King of Portugal and Lord of India and Malacca) within a bead circle round the outer edge of legend

REVERSE is Cross of the Order of the Knights of Christ surrounded by two circles of beads and the legend “CRVX XPI NOSTRE SPE UNICA” translated as Cross of Christ our only hope -of salavation.

The coin has a plain edge, weight 47.2 gram, diameter:obverse 38mm, reverse 39mm and thickness 7mm and has tin composition. The mint is Malacca Mint.

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