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Numismatic Book: Coins & Banknotes Malaysia 1967-2015 Catalogue

Just a few days ago, another new catalogue book ” Coins & Banknotes Malaysia 1967 to 2015 was released into the market. I would think that Malaysia has a bit too much fair share of catalogue books coming out for our collectors re:

  • Catalogue of Malaysia Banknotes & Coins 1967 to 2014;
  • Malaysia Brunei & Singapore Banknotes & Coins 7th Edition 2014;
  • Standard Catalogue of Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Coin & Paper Money 21st Edition

With these four(4) books, collectors whether coins and banknotes collectors have ample choice to do research as to what are the actual prices of their banknotes and coins are worth.

But one thing for sure, prices of Malaysian banknotes and coins are definitely overtaking inflation with prices rising sky high.( good or bad comments? ). This is proven again in this new and latest catalogue wherein prices of banknotes and coins whether they are the common one are increasing about 10 to 15% !. Actually I wish to see a catalogue book where prices of  the common banknotes and coins are downsized instead of increasing – {ps: I dare not comment about the prices of scarce and rare banknotes as I am not expert in it}

Anyway lets hope that new collectors are not discourage by the ever increasing prices of our local banknotes and coins.

Lets now focus on some details of this new catalogue book:

Front cover of this book ( backcover advertises the author's shop)

Front cover of this book ( backcover advertises the author’s shop)

On the right top side of the front page of this book , it has a unique RED colour no eg A-1 0524  re 524 out of 3333 copy. However on the edge of this book ( not shown in the picture) First Edition was wrongly spelt as Editionn – quite a bad start especially for those who wish to keep this first edition in their library.

The size of this book is the same as the previous catalogue book ” Malaysia Coins & Banknotes 1967-2014 onwards” re with the same mintage of 3333 books and same selling price Rm38 each. This book has 171 pages compared to the earlier one (149 pages) because it incorporate prices of the Banknotes Special Serial Number re solid numbers and ladder number.

Sample of one of the inside pages of the book

Sample of one of the inside pages of the book

Extra features incorporating CERTIFIED OR SLABBED

Extra features incorporating CERTIFIED OR SLABBED PRICES

Though it corporates such nice feature of Certified/Graded Prices, I could not understand how things jives

Take for example the first row in the picture:

re: UNC Rm240 and then certified PMG for banknotes PMG67 Rm1540 so what is UNC ( I know it is uncirculated !!) but what grade is this quoted UNC in that column is that MS63 and below

Overall, this book needs a bit more polished up in terms of spelling, measurement and data like 1976 selandang and enggang being classified in 1969 and 1971 ; coins section still PMG grading or should it be NGC?


Incidentally coming to a different topic,currently there is a trend for collectors/traders to grade these banknotes/coins and then sell but hopefully buyers should take heed of the following:-

(a) just in case IF one bought the certified/graded item(s) at such exhorbitant prices ( 6 times and more of ungraded ) do you think that you can sell to other parties especially it is a very common item? and

(b) most collectors too are wise people, they would just buy uncirculated item and then go for the relevant certification.

Btw, currently there are a lot of certified coins BELOW MS66 being “thrown” into the market as real collectors understood such above logic and the true intention of slabbing/certification of real collectors are to get the best grade but traders took advantages to sell at extremely high prices!!! One fine day the bubble will burst and the market will be saturated with sellers with certified/grade items of MS64 and below.

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