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Malaysia Banknote – Collecting SOLID Number banknotes

Earlier articles on collecting Malaysia Ladder/Reversed Ladder Number banknotes and  Very Low Number (000001-10) refers.

Another increasing uptrend local collectors are looking forward to collect are the various denomination  of Rm1,5, Rm10, Rm20, Rm50 and Rm100 SOLID NUMBERS which is from 1111111, 2222222, 333333, 4444444, 5555555, 666666, 7777777, 8888888, 9999999 & 10000000. As prices for these solid number banknotes are relatively more expensive, some only indulge in collecting only ALMOST Solid number where 1 or 2 numbers are different in the series.

Collecting solid number 1111111-8888888 (up to 8 pieces) as suffice.

Some collecting from solid number 1111111-8888888 (8 pieces) as suffice.

 A bit of details on the mode of collecting Solid numbers viz:-

  • Some collectors  might only collect one or two or three pieces of solid number whilst others are more adventurous as their pockets are bit more deeper hence  collecting more complete pieces from 1111111-8888888 ( 8 complete pieces) or 1111111-999999 (9 pieces) or even ten complete pieces including 10000000.
  • In the complete series of ten (10) solid number banknotes, normally the eights and the nines and the zeros are relatively more expensive by 4 to 6 times than other numbers.
  • Some races like to collect number like 7777777 or 6666666 due to the mystical powers. Predominantly 5555555 is quite likeable amongst our Malay collectors.
  • More common solid number denominations are the Rm1, Rm10 and Rm50 .It is relatively quite difficult to find solid numbers of Rm5 ringgits or Rm100 ringgits as they tend to be more scarce and expensive than other denomination.



Rm1 Dr Zeti Ten(10) pieces of SOLID NUMBERs

Rm1 Dr Zeti Ten(10) pieces of SOLID NUMBERs




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