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Sandblast Proof:

Special type of proof coin. Made by blowing fine particles of sand against the coin’s surface. Similar in appearance to a matte proof.


Paper currency usually of denominations less than one dollar issued as substitutes for currency to private persons or organizations.


A deep line or groove in a coin caused by contact with a sharp or rough object.

Silver coin:

A coin consisting of more than 50% silver content.


Related coinage of the same denomination, design, and type, including modifications and varieties of design.


A coin or bank note prepared as an example of a given issue.


A false piece made to deceive, often an original creation rather than a copy of a known item

Sterling Silver:

Silver that is .925 fine or possesses a silver content of 92.5%


Thin, light raised lines on the surface of a coin, caused by excessive polishing of the die.


Refer to the process by which a coin is minted Also refers to the sharpness of design details. A sharp strike or strong strike is one with all of the details struck very sharply; a weak strike has the details lightly impressedat the time of coining.

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