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Modern Coinage of Socialist Republic Of Burma

Above is the modern coinage of the Socialist Republic of Burma. A little bit of history: In 1962 a military coup led to the establishment of the Socialist Republic of  the Union of Burma. A new set of aluminium 1,5,10,25 and 50 pya coins, dated 1966 were struck in the name of the Burmese People’s […]

1780 Empress Maria Theresia Restrike Coin

Below is a beautiful big crown silver thaler portraying the Empress Maria Theresia. 1780 Empress Marie Thereissa Restrike coin The date 1780 seems to denote that it is an old coin but in reality is a restrike date where the date 1780 is the year of  her death. This coin which is always dated 1780 […]

What is the difference between a “bimetallic” coin and a colorized or plated coin?

Earlier article on bimetallic coin with photos refers.  The simple answer is that a bimetallic coin is NOT the same as a colorized or plated coin. A bimetallic coin is manufactured using two separate components of different metals.  In modern bimetallic coins, the center component is usually made from one metal, while the outer component […]

Netherlands Coinage(Year 1982-2001)

(5 gulden excluded from picture) Modern coinage of Netherlands relates to 1982 to 2001. Number of Coins minted are very high except for some 21/2 guilden and 5 guilden coin.The coins are of nickel metal composition. The obverse with the head on the left. The reverse show value with horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines and […]

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