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Coinage Table For 1 cent British North Borneo Coins (1882H to 1907H)

BRITISH NORTH BORNEO ONE CENT Edge  Plain Weight 9.33g Diameter 29mm Composition BRONZE     Date Mintage 1882H 2m 1884H 2m 1885H 1m 1886H 5m 1887H 6m 1888H 6m 1889H 9m 1890H 8m 1891H 3m 1894H 1m 1896H 1m 1907H 1m

Coinage Table For 25(Twenty five) Cents Of British North Borneo Coins

Compared to other Straits Settlements, Malaya or Malaya and North Borneo coins, the twenty five cents METAL COIN denomination only exists in the British North Borneo coinage. Incidentally, WITHIN  the  British North Borneo coin denomination, only this twenty five cent has silver metal composition (silver.,0.500 fine). Details as follow: This coin has milled edge, weighs 2.83 g, diameter […]

Coinage Table For 5 Cents British North Borneo Coins

BRITISH NORTH BORNEO FIVE CENTS Edge Plain Weight 7.2g Diameter 28mm Composition CUPRO NICKEL  Date Mintage 1903H 1m 1920H 0.1m 1921H 0.5m 1927H 0.15m 1928H 0.151m 1938H 0.5m 1940H 0.5m 1941H 1m  

Coinage Table for 1 Cent Cupro Nickel British North Borneo Coins

 BRITISH NORTH BORNEO ONE CENT Edge Plain Weight 9.33g Diameter 29mm Composition CUPRO NICKEL  Date Mintage 1904H 4m 1921H 1m 1935H 1m 1938H 1m  1941H 1m

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