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Coin Glossary / Dictionary:Alphabet R

Return To Main Glossary Alphabet R Reeded Edge: The edge of a coin with grooved lines an run vertically around its perimeter. The edge found on all current United States coins other than cents and nickel. Reissue: A numismatic item issued again after an extended lapse of time. Restrike: A numismatic item produced from original […]

Coin Glossary:Alphabet P

Return To Main Glossary Alphabet P Patina: A natural surface coloring, induced by oxidation, acquired by all unprotected coins with the passage of time. Usually applied to the green film formed naturally on copper and bronze. Patina can also be produced artificially by acids. Pattern: An experimental or trial coin, generally of a new design, […]

Coin Glossary:Alphabet O

Return To Main Glossary Alphabet O Obverse: The front or face of a coin which bears the principal design or device, often prescribed by the issuing authority (i.e. Coat of Arms). Generally the side with the date and the principal design. Overdate: The date made by superimposing one or more different numbers on a previously […]

Coin Glossary:Alphabet N

Return To Main Glossary Alphabet N Nick: A small mark on a coin caused by another coin bumping against it or by contact with a rough or sharp object. Numismatics: The science, study or collection of coins, paper money, tokens, medallions and similar objects.

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