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Glossary:Alphabet W

Return to Main Glossary Alphabet W: Weak Strike: A coin with certain of its details ( in the area of high relief) not fully formed because of the hardness of alloy, insufficient striking pressure or improper die spacing. Wear: The abrasion of metal from a coin’s surface caused by normal handling and circulation. Whizzing: The […]

Glossary-Alphabet U

Return To Main Glossary Alphabet U Uncirculated Coin: Coins with no wear at all are referred to as uncirculated, or in mint state (MS). They are manufactured in much the same way as circulated coins except more attention and time is given to the preparation of the die surface finish. The coins are also struck […]

Glossary-Alphabet T

Return To Main Glossary Alphabet T Token: A piece of specially marked durable material unofficially issued for monetary, advertising, or other purposes within restricted circulatory zones. Token Coinage: Coinage the intrinsic value of which is less than its face value Toning: Natural patination or discoloration of a coin’s surface caused by the atmosphere over a […]

Glossary-Alphabet S

Return To Main Glossary Alphabet S Sandblast Proof: Special type of proof coin. Made by blowing fine particles of sand against the coin’s surface. Similar in appearance to a matte proof. Scrip: Paper currency usually of denominations less than one dollar issued as substitutes for currency to private persons or organizations. Scratch: A deep line […]

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