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Caring And Protecting Your Coins Collection

For beginners coin collectors, it is important that you should protect your coin investment by taking the time to learn how to properly handle, clean, store and protect your rare coins. Experts advocate the following no’s, no’s during the care and maintenance of coins:

  • Do not touch your coins with your bare fingers. You will definitely cause damage to them, especially if you collect higher grade coins, mint-state and proof coins. This is because your fingers contain oils and miniscule pieces of grit that will adhere to the coins and cause them to discolor or suffer microscopic scratching. When you handle your coins, wear cotton or latex gloves, and handle only the edges.
  • Do not clean your coins maybe with the exception of newly dug up coins as cleaning or polishing your coins will do more harm than good. Once metal has been exposed to the air, it is natural for it to oxidize, or tone. If you strip the coin of this toning, not only will you lose any remaining mint luster, the coin will appear harsh and unappealing, and suffer microscopic abrasions that lower its grade. Plus, toned coins are worth more than stripped coins.
  • Do not break open any original or permanent coin holder as this will greatly redue the value of your mint set and proof set coins. The holders, along with the box and literature (if any) are part of the “set” and should be kept intact and pristine. Similarly, coins that have been slabbed are worth a premium in their protective cases. Never remove coins from these types of permanent holders.
  • Do not expose the coins to acid for example storing in envelopes, wrapped in paper, with your notations beside the coins, or in cardboard boxes unless you are careful to use acid-free paper materials. Over time, the paper material breaks down, releasing acidic chemicals around your coins. This causes spotting, discoloration, and can promote oxidation (toning) of your bright, mint surfaces. Be sure to buy only acid-free paper and cardboard supplies for your coin collection.
  • Do not expose your coins to the elements. By storing yours coins in the attic or basement expose them to the extremes of temperature and humidity which promote oxidation. Also, these conditions quickly break down the storage materials like flips,paper and cardboard, plastic containers,etc your coins are organized in. To protect your coin collection, it’s best to store in dark, dry temperature-controlled environment such as a safe deposit box or specialized coin cabinet.
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